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2008 Family migration: a vehicle of child morbidity in the informal settlements of Nairobi City, Kenya?Konseiga, Adama
2008 The effect of extending the duration of eligibility in an Italian labour market programme for dismissed workersRettore, Enrico / Paggiaro, Adriano / Trivellato, Ugo
2003 Selection bias, comparative advantage and heterogeneous returns to education: Evidence from China in 2000Heckman, James / Li, Xuesong
2008 Instrumental variables in models with multiple outcomes: the general unordered caseHeckman, James Joseph / Urzúa, Sergio / Vytlacil, Edward
2005 Dynamic discrete choice and dynamic treatment effectsHeckman, James Joseph / Navarro, Salvador
2003 Using Matching, Instrumental Variables and Control Functions to Estimate Economic Choice ModelsHeckman, James Joseph / Navarro-Lozano, Salvador
2003 Estimating Distributions of Treatment Effects with an Application to the Returns to Schooling and Measurement of the Effects of Uncertainty on College ChoiceCarneiro, Pedro / Hansen, Karsten T. / Heckman, James Joseph
2002 The Performance of Performance StandardsHeckman, James Joseph / Heinrich, Carolyn J. / Smith, Jeffrey A.
2008 School nutrition programs and the incidence of childhood obesityMillimet, Daniel L. / Tchernis, Rusty / Husain, Muna
2003 Identification and Estimation of Hedonic ModelsEkeland, Ivar / Heckman, James Joseph / Nesheim, Lars

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