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DateTitle Authors
2003 New Wine in Old Bottles: A Sequential Estimation Technique for the LPMHorrace, William C. / Oaxaca, Ronald L.
2007 Direct evidence on income comparisons and their welfare effectsSenik, Claudia
2007 A simple representation of the Bera-Jarque-Lee test for probit modelsWilde, Joachim
2005 Omitted Variables and Misspecified Disturbances in the Logit ModelCramer, J.S.
2005 The productivity of public capital: Evidence from the 1994 electoral reform of JapanKawaguchi, Daiji / Ohtake, Fumio / Tamada, Keiko
2008 The emerging aversion to inequality: evidence from Poland 1992 - 2005Grosfeld, Irena / Senik, Claudia
2008 Optimal income taxation of married couples: an empirical analysis of joint and individual taxationHaan, Peter / Navarro, Dolores
2012 Modelling zero-inflated count data when exposure varies: With an application to sick leaveBaetschmann, Gregori / Winkelmann, Rainer
2005 What makes a die-hard entrepreneur? : Trying, or persisting in, self-employmentBurke, Andrew E. / FitzRoy, Felix R. / Nolan, Michael A.
2010 Biases in Willingness-To-Pay Measures from Multinomial Logit Estimates due to Unobserved Heterogeneityvan den Berg, Vincent / Kroes, Eric / Verhoef, Erik T.

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