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DateTitle Authors
2007 On the utility of e-learning in statisticsHärdle, Wolfgang Karl / Klinke, Sigbert / Ziegenhagen, Uwe
2007 Using Wiki to build an e-learning system in statistics in Arabic languageAhmad, Taleb / Härdle, Wolfgang Karl / Klinke, Sigbert
2006 On the difficulty to design Arabic e-learning system in statisticsAhmad, Taleb / Härdle, Wolfgang Karl / Mungo, Julius
2005 Integrable e-lements for statistics educationHärdle, Wolfgang Karl / Klinke, Sigbert / Ziegenhagen, Uwe
2004 Tails of credit default portfoliosKuhn, Gabriel
2006 Convenience yields for CO2 emission allowance futures contractsBorak, Szymon / Härdle, Wolfgang Karl / Trück, Stefan / Weron, Rafał
2010 Uncovering the common risk free rate in the European Monetary UnionWagenvoort, Rien / Zwart, Sanne
2010 The dynamics of hourly electricity pricesHärdle, Wolfgang Karl / Trück, Stefan
2007 Computational statistics and data visualizationUnwin, Antony / Chen, Chun-houh / Härdle, Wolfgang Karl