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DateTitle Authors
2016 Idealizations of Uncertainty, and Lessons from Artificial IntelligenceSmith, Robert Elliott
2015 Idealizations of uncertainty, and lessons from artificial intelligenceSmith, Robert Elliott
2009 Conversation or monologue? On advising heterodox economistsVernengo, Matías
2011 The return of vulgar economics: A rejoinder to Colander, Holt and RosserVernengo, Matias
2013 Emergency Aid 2.0Fuchs, Andreas / Klann, Nils-Hendrik
2012 Applying the capability approach empirically: An overview with special attention to laborLeßmann, Ortrud
2013 Stock-flow consistent modeling through the agesCaverzasi, Eugenio / Godin, Antoine
2008 The quality of eligible collateral and monetary stability: An empirical analysisLehmbecker, Philipp
2008 Measuring the quality of eligible collateralLehmbecker, Philipp / Missong, Martin
2009 Correcting mistakes: Cognitive dissonance and political attitudes in Sweden and the United StatesElinder, Mikael

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