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DateTitle Authors
2007 New Keynesian macroeconomics: Entry for New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics, 2nd EditionDixon, Huw David
2005 The New Keynesian Model and the Long-Run Vertical Phillips Curve: Does It Hold for Germany?Gottschalk, Jan / Fritsche, Ulrich
2005 Investing in European Stock Markets for High-Technology FirmsPierdzioch, Christian / Schertler, Andrea
2002 Keynesian and monetarist views on the German unemployment problem : theory and evidenceGottschalk, Jan
2010 Optimal Control of Nonlinear Dynamic Econometric Models: An Algorithm and an ApplicationBlüschke-Nikolaeva, Viktoria / Blüschke, Dmitri / Neck, Reinhard
2010 The quantity theory of money: An assessment of its real linchpin predictionHillinger, Claude / Süssmuth, Bernd
2006 On the Minskyan business cycleErtürk, Korkut A.
2006 Speculation, liquidity preference, and monetary circulationErtürk, Korkut A.
2008 Minsky and economic policy :Keynesianism” all over again?Tymoigne, Éric
2006 Methodology and microeconomics in the early work of Hyman P. MinskyToporowski, Jan

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