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2012 How well are women represented at the AEA meeting? A study of the 1985 - 2010 programsCunningham, Rosemary / Zavodny, Madeline
2009 A suggested method for the measurement of world leading research: (illustrated with data on economics)Oswald, Andrew J.
2009 Darwinism in economics and the evolutionary theory of policy-makingSchubert, Christian
2009 Being religious: a question of incentives?Klaubert, Anja
2010 Property rights and elitesAmsden, Alice H.
2010 The tangled web of associational lifeMeagher, Kate
2015 Social Ties in Academia: A Friend is a TreasureColussi, Tommaso
2014 Capacity development for the transformation of AfricaLéautier, Frannie A.
2009 Lessons from the laureatesBreit, William / Hirsch, Barry T.
2009 'The' market for higher education: Does it really exist?Becker, William E. / Round, David K.

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