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DateTitle Authors
2012 Assessing employee voice in restructuring processes against the capability approach: A case study in the Swiss metal sectorBonvin, Jean-Michel / Moachon, Éric
2005 It wasn't me, it was them! Social influence in risky behavior by adolescentsClark, Andrew E. / Lohéac, Youenn
2013 Fairness norms can explain the emergence of specific cooperation norms in the Battle of the Prisoners DilemmaWinter, Fabian
Aug-2013 Generalized trust and regional innovation activitySchild, Christopher-Johannes
2013 Culture and the Spatial Dissemination of Ideas Evidence from Froebel's Kindergarten MovementFalck, Oliver / Bauernschuster, Stefan
2011 The emergence of norms from conflicts over just distributionsMiller, Luis M. / Rauhut, Heiko / Winter, Fabian
2009 Social identity, competition, and finance: a laboratory experimentBauernschuster, Stefan / Falck, Oliver / Große, Niels Daniel
2005 Differences in desired and actual fertility: an economic analysis of the Spanish caseAdsera, Alicia
2008 Contracts and promises: an approach to pre-play agreementsMiettinen, Topi
2005 Incentives and prosocial behaviorBénabou, Roland / Tirole, Jean

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