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DateTitle Authors
2011 Der Beitrag der Kirche zur Demokratisierungsgestaltung der WirtschaftHeld, Bärbel
2009 What a difference peers can make: The impact of social (work) norms on unemployment durationTolciu, Andreia
2008 Is unemployment a consequence of social interactions? Seeking for a common research framework for economists and other social scientistsTolciu, Andreia
2003 On Representative TrustBellemare, Charles / Kröger, Sabine
2014 How Diverse can Spatial Measures of Cultural Diversity be? Results from Monte Carlo Simulations on an Agent-Based ModelArribas-Bel, Daniel / Nijkamp, Peter / Poot, Jacques
2013 Do immigrants follow their home country's fertility norms?Cygan-Rehm, Kamila
2009 Social capital, Chinese style: individualism, relational collectivism and the cultural embeddedness of the institutions-performance linkHerrmann-Pillath, Carsten
2007 Violence in European schools: victimization and consequencesAmmermüller, Andreas
2007 Is the Welfare State Self-destructive? A Study of Government Benefit MoraleHeinemann, Friedrich
2009 The optimal choice of a reference standard for income comparisons: indirect evidence from immigrants' return visitsStichnoth, Holger

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