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2009 Religion and intimate partner violence in Chile: macro- and micro-level influencesLehrer, Evelyn Lilian / Lehrer, Vivian L. / Krauss, Ramona
2012 Religiosity as a determinant of happinessGundlach, Erich / Opfinger, Matthias
2013 Two Sides of a Medal: The Changing Relationship between Religious Diversity and ReligiosityOpfinger, Matthias
2012 Religion and Earnings: Is It Good to Be an Atheist with Religious Parental Background?Cornelissen, Thomas / Jirjahn, Uwe
2012 National Identity and Religious DiversityHarttgen, Kenneth / Opfinger, Matthias
2012 Does Religiosity Promote Property Rights and the Rule of Law?Berggren, Niclas / Bjørnskov, Christian
2009 Financial stability: the significance and distinctiveness of Islamic banking in MalaysiaKarwowski, Ewa
2014 A Tale of Minorities: Evidence on Religious Ethics and Entrepreneurship from Swiss Census DataNunziata, Luca / Rocco, Lorenzo
2003 Immigrant Religious Adjustment: An Economic Approach to Jewish MigrationsChiswick, Carmel Ullman
2005 An Economic Perspective on Religious Education : Complements and Substitutes in a Human Capital PortfolioChiswick, Carmel Ullman

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