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2014 Ethnic Identity and WorkConstant, Amelie F.
2007 UWM/UP joint study program: experience, problems, and future perspectives:to be presented at the 2nd Transatlantic Degree Program (TDP) workshop 'Education for a globalized world: transatlantic alliances and joint programs in business education and economics between the US, Canada and Germany' Tampa, Florida, 20 - 22 April 2007Petersen, Hans-Georg
2014 Diversity and Social Capital in the U.S: A Tale of Conflict, Contact or Total Mistrust?Belton, Willie / Huq, Yameen / Uwaifo Oyelere, Ruth
2007 On the geographic and cultural determinants of bankruptcyBuehler, Stefan / Kaiser, Christian / Jaeger, Franz
2009 Mobilitätspolitik in EuropaZimmermann, Klaus F.
2013 Worldviews and Intergenerational Altruism: Empirical Evidence for GermanyAkkemik, K. Ali / Dittrich, Marcus / Göksal, Koray / Leipold, Kristina / Ogaki, Masao
2013 Genetic diversity and the origins of cultural fragmentationAshraf, Quamrul / Galor, Oded
2013 Evidence on the Political Principal-Agent Problem from Voting on Public Finance for Concert HallsPotrafke, Niklas
2010 The empire is dead, long live the empire!: Values and human interactions 90 years after the fall of the Habsburg empireBecker, Sascha O. / Boeckh, Katrin / Hainz, Christa / Woessmann, Ludger
2010 Baumol's cost-disease, efficiency, and productivity in the performing arts: An analysis of German public theatersLast, Anne-Kathrin / Wetzel, Heike

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