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2007 What does it take to be a star? The role of performance and the media for German soccer playersLehmann, Erik E. / Schulze, Günther G.
2002 The Value of Reunification in Germany: An Analysis of Changes in Life SatisfactionFrijters, Paul / Haisken-DeNew, John P. / Shields, Michael A.
2002 Individual Rationality and Learning: Welfare Expectations in East Germany Post-ReunificationFrijters, Paul / Haisken-DeNew, John P. / Shields, Michael A.
2010 Income comparisons among neighbours and life satisfaction in East and West GermanyKnies, Gundi
2005 Cultural Goods Production, Cultural Capital Formation and the Provision of Cultural ServicesCheng, Sao-Wen
2007 Your conscience you must keep, or it must be kept for youRai, Birendra K.
2008 The entrepreneurial culture: guiding principles of the self-employedNoseleit, Florian
2008 You're fired!: the causal negative effect of unemployment on life satisfactionKassenböhmer, Sonja C. / Haisken-DeNew, John P.
2010 A theory of firm declineSabatini, Fabio
2012 Trust, values and false consensusButler, Jeffrey V. / Giuliano, Paola / Guiso, Luigi

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