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Jul-2011 Using Tax Incentives to Support Thermal Retrofits in GermanyNeuhoff, Karsten / Amecke, Hermann / Novikova, Alexandra / Stelmakh, Kateryna / Deason, Jeff / Hobbes, Andrew
2011 How impact fees and local planning regulation can influence deployment of telecoms infrastructureGorecki, Paul / Hennessy, Hugh / Lyons, Sean
2002 Quality and location choices under price regulationBrekke, Kurt R. / Nuscheler, Robert / Straume, Odd Rune
2005 Tax incentives and the location of FDI: evidence from a panel of German multinationalsBuettner, Thiess / Ruf, Martin
2012 Regional investment under uncertain costs of locationBroll, Udo / Roldán-Ponce, Antonio / Wahl, Jack E.
2010 Spatial allocation of capital: The role of risk preferencesBroll, Udo / Roldán-Ponce, Antonio / Wahl, Jack E.
2007 Barriers to Diversification and Regional Allocation of CapitalBroll, Udo / Roldán-Ponce, Antonio / Wahl, Jack E.
2012 Examining the roots of homelessness: The impact of regional housing market conditions and the social environment on homelessness in North-Rhine-Westphalia, GermanyKröll, Alexandra / Farhauer, Oliver
2014 Tenancy Rent Control and Credible Commitment in MaintenanceArnott, Richard J. / Shevyakhova, Elizaveta
2013 Housing and tax policyAlpanda, Sami / Zubairy, Sarah

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