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2010 Why are East Germans not more mobile? Analyzing the impact of social ties on regional migrationBönisch, Peter / Schneider, Lutz
2011 Agglomeration, congestion, and regional unemployment disparitiesZierahn, Ulrich
2010 The importance of spatial autocorrelation for regional employment growth in GermanyZierahn, Ulrich
2007 Geographical Distribution of Unemployment: An Analysis of Provincial Differences in ItalyCracolici, Maria Francesca / Cuffaro, Miranda / Nijkamp, Peter
2007 Homeownership and Labour Market Behaviour: Interpreting the EvidenceRouwendal, Jan / Nijkamp, Peter
2011 Public housing and unemployment: Skills and spatial mismatch in postindustrial Hong KongMonkkonen, Paavo
2012 Movers or stayers? Understanding the drivers of IDP camp decongestion during post-conflict recovery in UgandaBozzoli, Carlos / Brück, Tilman / Muhumuza, Tony
2010 Network Dependency in Migration Flows – A Space-time Analysis for Germany since Re-unificationMitze, Timo
2009 What proportion of children stay in the same location as adults, and how does this vary across location and groups?Bartik, Timothy J.
2007 Higher education, the health care industry, and metropolitan regional economic development: What can "Eds & Meds" do for the economic fortunes of a metro area's residents?Bartik, Timothy J. / Erickcek, George

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