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DateTitle Authors
2010 Tópicos em econometria espacial para dados cross-sectionCarvalho, Alexandre Xavier Ywata / Albuquerque, Pedro Henrique Melo
2005 The spatial econometrics of elephant population change: A noteFrank, Björn / Maurseth, Per Botolf
2004 Zipf zippedNitsch, Volker
2010 Land conversion and market equilibrium: Insights from a simulated landscapeIovanna, Richard / Vance, Colin
2014 Benchmark value added chains and regional clusters in German R&D intensive industriesKosfeld, Reinhold / Titze, Mirko
2011 A proposal for an alternative spatial weight matrix under consideration of the distribution of economic activityPerret, Jens K.
2011 On the importance of growth spillovers and regional clustering in the Russian FederationPerret, Jens K.
2012 Identifying clusters within R&D intensive industries using local spatial methodsKosfeld, Reinhold / Lauridsen, Jorgen
2012 Decodificando economias locais: Análise da estrutura e dinâmica do sudeste paraense utilizando CSaCosta, Francisco de Assis
2005 Fiscal Devolution and DependencyForeman-Peck, James / Lungu, Laurian

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