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2005 Agricultural surplus, division of labour and the emergence of cities: a spatial general equilibrium modelSpielvogel, Gilles
2005 Property Tax and Urban Sprawl: Theory and Implications for U.S. CitiesSong, Yan / Zenou, Yves
2003 Racial Beliefs, Location and the Causes of CrimeVerdier, Thierry / Zenou, Yves
2005 Crime, Location and the Housing MarketZenou, Yves
2004 City Structure, Job Search, and Labor Discrimination. Theory and Policy ImplicationsSelod, Harris / Zenou, Yves
2008 Social Interactions and Labor Market Outcomes in CitiesZenou, Yves
2006 Commuting, externalities, and the geographical sizes of metropolitan areasBode, Eckhardt
2000 Externalities in Urban SustainabilityVerhoef, Erik T. / Nijkamp, Peter
2006 Analysis of Environmental Costs of Mobility due to Urban Sprawl - A Modelling Study on Italian CitiesTravisi, Chiara M. / Camagni, Roberto / Nijkamp, Peter
2008 Exploring the economic geography of IrelandMorgenroth, Edgar

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