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DateTitle Authors
2014 Services, Comparative Advantage and Agglomeration of Economic Activity: A Ricardo-Marshall ModelPflüger, Michael / Tabuchi, Takatoshi
2008 Task specialization, immigration, and wagesPeri, Giovanni / Sparber, Chad
2005 Rethinking the gains from immigration: theory and evidence from the USPeri, Giovanni / Ottaviano, Gianmarco I. P.
2006 The effects of immigration on California's labor marketPeri, Giovanni
2003 Externalities in the Urban EconomyVerhoef, Erik T. / Nijkamp, Peter
2006 Indikator gesteuerte Verteilung von Eingliederungsmitteln im SGB II: Erfolgs- und Effizienzkriterien als Leistungsanreiz?Rudolph, Helmut
2005 New economic geography and regional price levelKosfeld, Reinhold / Eckey, Hans-Friedrich / Türck, Matthias
2006 Regional growth strategies: fiscal versus institutional governmental policiesOtt, Ingrid / Soretz, Susanne
2013 Inefficient Equilibrium Unemployment in a Duocentric Economy with Matching FrictionsLehmann, Etienne / Montero Ledezma, Paola L. / Van der Linden, Bruno
2010 Public housing units vs. housing vouchers: accessibility, local public goods, and welfareSarpça, Sinan / Leung, Charles Ka Yui / Yilmaz, Kuzey

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