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DateTitle Authors
2009 Technological capabilities and patterns of cooperation of UK firms: a regional investigationIammarino, Simona / Piva, Mariacristina / Vivarelli, Marco / von Tunzelmann, Nick
2013 Spatial frictionsBehrens, Kristian / Mion, Giordano / Murata, Yasusada / Suedekum, Jens
2002 Taking a Second Chance: Entrepreneurial Restarters in GermanyWagner, Joachim
2004 Are Young and Small Firms Hothouses for Nascent Entrepreneurs? Evidence from German Micro DataWagner, Joachim
2003 Are Nascent Entrepreneurs Jacks-of-All-Trades? A Test of Lazear's Theory of Entrepreneurship with German DataWagner, Joachim
2004 Agglomeration Effects on Employer-Provided Training : Evidence from the UKBrunello, Giorgio / Gambarotto, Francesca
2004 Training and the Density of Economic Activity : Evidence from Italyde Paola, Maria / Brunello, Giorgio
2002 Personal and Regional Determinants of Entrepreneurial Activities: Empirical Evidence from the REM GermanyWagner, Joachim / Sternberg, Rolf
2002 The Role of the Regional Milieu for the Decision to Start a New Firm: Empirical Evidence for GermanyWagner, Joachim / Sternberg, Rolf
2002 The Impact of Risk Aversion, Role Models, and the Regional Milieu on the Transition from Unemployment to Self-Employment: Empirical Evidence for GermanyWagner, Joachim

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