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2004 Why does educational attainment differ across US states?Hendricks, Lutz
2013 Vidékfejlesztés valódi decentralizációval: A LEADER Program megvalósítása Spanyolország Andalúzia tartományábanNemes, Gusztáv / Fazekas, Zsuzsanna / Abel, Gonzáles Marquez
2013 The rise of the East and the Far East: German labor markets and trade integrationDauth, Wolfgang / Findeisen, Sebastian / Suedekum, Jens
2015 Deindustrialization and the polarization of household incomes: The example of urban agglomerations in GermanyGoebel, Jan / Gornig, Martin
2013 City Age and City SizeSüdekum, Jens / Giesen, Kristian
2013 Do eco-innovations need specific regional characteristics? An econometric analysis for GermanyHorbach, Jens
Jan-2014 The political Kuznets curve for Russia: Income inequality, rent seeking regional elites and empirical determinants of protests during 2011/2012Hagemann, Harald / Kufenko, Vadim
2009 Career networks and job matching: Evidence on the microeconomic foundations of human capital externalitiesHeuermann, Daniel F.
2013 Die Kommunalinsolvenz als Folge der kommunalen Finanznot?Brand, Stephan
2013 Uninsurable Risks of Floods, Deluges, Overflows and the System of SolutionBártová, Hana / Hanzlík, Karel

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