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2013 Smart specialisation - Old wine in new bottles or new wine in old bottles?Asheim, Bjorn
2014 A new regional balance: Challenges and opportunities for intermediate city regions in EuropeCornett, Andreas P.
2014 After Crisis Scenarios for CEECs: A simulation through the MASST3 modelCapello, Roberta / Caragliu, Andrea
2013 Related Variety, Unrelated Variety and Technological Breakthroughs: An Analysis of U.S. State-Level PatentingLos, Bart / Castaldi, Carolina / Frenken, Koen
2014 Emergence of clusters: by chance or by design.The rise of the Oslo Cancer ClusterIsaksen, Arne / Karlsen, James
2014 Development of interregional tools for predictive modeling of spatial proportions of economyMelent'ev, Boris Viktorovich
2008 The age pattern of human capital and regional productivityHirte, Georg / Brunow, Stephan
2005 Age Structure and Regional Income GrowthBrunow, Stephan / Hirte, Georg
2009 Foreign Direct Investment and Regional Growth in ChinaHuang, Shuo
2014 An Alternative Interpretation of Regional Resilience: Evidence from ItalyModica, Marco / Reggiani, Aura

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