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2007 Stable partial agglomeration in a new economic geography modelBarde, Sylvain
2012 The impact of R&D collaboration networks on the performance of firms and regions: A meta-analysis of the evidencePippel, Gunnar
2013 Self-employment and economic performance: A geographically weighted regression approach for European regionsPijnenburg, Katharina
2013 Regional implications of financial market development: Credit rationing, trade, and locationvon Ehrlich, Maximilian / Seidel, Tobias
2011 Regional investments in Southern European citiesMetaxas, Theodore
2009 Ostdeutschland 20 Jahre nach dem Mauerfall: Was war und was ist heute mit der Wirtschaft?Brenke, Karl / Zimmermann, Klaus F.
2013 The regional pattern of the US house price bubble: An application of SPC to city level dataFreese, Julia
2005 Finance and growth in a bank-based economy: is it quantity or quality that matters?Koetter, Michael / Wedow, Michael
2011 Air and sea transport: Competition strategies under normal and economic crisis environmentsRigas, Konstantinos / Sambracos, Evangelos / Gatzoli, Androniki
2011 The tyranny of distance prevails: HTTP protocol latency and returns to fast fibre internet access network deployment in remote economiesObren, Mark / Howell, Bronwyn

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