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DateTitle Authors
2012 The long persistence of regional entrepreneurship culture: Germany 1925 - 2005Fritsch, Michael / Wyrwich, Michael
2007 Agglomeration, Innovation and Regional Development: Theoretical Perspectives and Meta-Analysisde Groot, Henri L.F. / Poot, Jacques / Smit, Martijn J.
2012 Internet-based hedonic indices of rents and prices for flats: Example of BerlinKholodilin, Konstantin A. / Mense, Andreas
2009 What proportion of children stay in the same location as adults, and how does this vary across location and groups?Bartik, Timothy J.
2007 Higher education, the health care industry, and metropolitan regional economic development: What can "Eds & Meds" do for the economic fortunes of a metro area's residents?Bartik, Timothy J. / Erickcek, George
1998 Regionalökonomische Bedeutung größerer Behinderteneinrichtungen am Beispiel des Dominikus-Ringeisen-Werkes UrsbergBecker, Wolfgang / Rothenberger, Dieter
2011 "Robin Hook": The developmental effects of Somali piracyShortland, Anja
2013 It's the debt-growth nexus again: Evidence from a long panel of regional-government liabilitiesMitze, Timo / Matz, Florian
2007 Stable partial agglomeration in a new economic geography modelBarde, Sylvain
2012 The impact of R&D collaboration networks on the performance of firms and regions: A meta-analysis of the evidencePippel, Gunnar

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