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2004 Employment growth and entrepreneurial activity in citiesÁcs, Zoltán J. / Armington, Catherine
2004 Regional growth regimes revisited : the case of West GermanyFritsch, Michael / Mueller, Pamela
2004 The link between firm births and job creation : is there a upas tree effect?van Stel, André J. / Storey, David J.
2004 Patents and the technological performance of district firms evidence for the Emilia-Romagna region in ItalySantarelli, Enrico
2004 The effects of new business formation on regional development over timeFritsch, Michael / Mueller, Pamela
2004 Entrepreneurship, entry and performance of new business compared in two growth regimes : East and West GermanyFritsch, Michael
2005 The persistence of regional new business formation-activity over time : assessing the potential of policy promotion programsFritsch, Michael / Mueller, Pamela
2013 Natural-resource or market-seeking FDI in Russia? An empirical study of locational factors affecting the regional distribution of FDI entriesGonchar, Ksenia / Marek, Philipp
2012 Problems with regional production functions and estimates of agglomeration economies: A caveat emptor for regional scientistsFelipe, Jesus / McCombie, John
2002 The Veblen-Gerschenkron Effect of FDI in Mezzogiorno and East GermanyUrban, Dieter M. / Peri, Giovanni

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