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DateTitle Authors
2014 Does Fiscal Oversight Matter?Christofzik, Désirée / Kessing, Sebastian
2004 Does Accessibility to Higher Education matter? Choice Behavior of High School Graduates in the NetherlandsSá, Carla / Florax, Raymond J.G.M. / Rietveld, Piet
2003 The impact of demographic and individual heterogeneity on unemployment duration: A regional studyCollier, William
2007 Modelling the folk theorem: A spatial Cournot model with explicit increasing returns to scaleBarde, Sylvain
2012 The impact of R&D collaboration networks on the performance of firms and regions: A meta-analysis of the evidencePippel, Gunnar
2013 Regional mix and the roles of foreign subsidiaries: A new conceptualization and empirical evidence on the UK caseKottaridi, Constantina / Filippaios, Fragkiskos / Papanastassiou, Marina / Pearce, Robert
2004 The effect of industry, region and time on new business survival: A multi-dimensional analysisFritsch, Michael / Brixy, Udo / Falck, Oliver
2014 Kaufkraftbereinigte Renten in Deutschland: Eine Analyse auf KreisebeneMetzger, Christoph
2007 Productive disasters? Evidence from European firm level dataLeiter, Andrea M. / Oberhofer, Harald / Raschky, Paul A.
2011 Nation size and unemploymentBerthold, Norbert / Gründler, Klaus

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