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2011 Significance of public space in the fragmented city: Designing strategies for urban opportunities in informal settlements of Buenos Aires cityJanches, Flavio
2011 Separate but equal democratization? Participation, politics, and urban segregation in Latin AmericaRodgers, Dennis
2004 Increasing Returns and Spatial Unemployment DisparitiesSuedekum, Jens
2012 Multilevel Approaches and the Firm-Agglomeration Ambiguity in Economic Growth Studiesvan Oort, Frank G. / Burger, Martijn J. / Knoben, Joris / Raspe, Otto
2014 Agriculture, Transportation and the Timing of Urbanization: Global Analysis at the Grid Cell LevelMotamed, Mesbah J. / Florax, Raymond J. G. M. / Masters, William A.
2010 Olhares sobre a cidade e a região - por que importam? Enfoques e metodologias disciplinares e contraditórias de análise do território para políticas públicasFurtado, Bernardo Alves
2011 The Dynamics of Service Delivery and Agricultural Development in India - A District-Level Analysis -Raabe, Katharina
2008 Penetrating the knowledge filter in "rust-belt" economiesÁcs, Zoltán J. / Plummer, Lawrence A. / Sutter, Ryan
2003 Greasing the Wheels of Tradevan Dalen, Hendrik P. / van Vuuren, Aico P.
2007 Are interregional wage differentials in Russia compensative?Oshchepkov, Aleksey

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