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2011 Unmasking the Porter hypothesis: Environmental innovations and firm-profitabilityRexhäuser, Sascha / Rammer, Christian
2011 A practical approach to offset permits in post Kyoto climate policyHeindl, Peter / Voigt, Sebastian
2013 A construção de grandes barragens no Brasil, na China e na Índia: Similitudes e peculiaridades dos processos de licenciamento ambiental em países emergentesFerraz da Fonseca, Igor
2013 Synopsis of Approaches to Welfare and of Green Growth Concepts Currently under DiscussionAhlert, Gerd / Meyer, Bernd / Zieschank, Roland / Diefenbacher, Hans / Nutzinger, Hans G.
2013 Basic Structures and Political Implications of a Sustainable Welfare ModelMeyer, Bernd / Ahlert, Gerd / Zieschank, Roland / Diefenbacher, Hans
2011 Die Modelle ASTRA und PANTA RHEI zur Abschätzung gesamtwirtschaftlicher Wirkungen umweltpolitischer Instrumente - ein VergleichLehr, Ulrike / Mönnig, Anke / Wolter, Marc Ingo / Lutz, Christian / Schade, Wolfgang / Krail, Michael
2013 Are German tourists environmental chameleons? A micro-econometric analysis of adaptation to climate changeSchwirplies, Claudia / Ziegler, Andreas
2014 Keep Your Clunker in the Suburb: Low Emission Zones and Adoption of Green VehiclesWolff, Hendrik
1991 International Support for Brazilian Forests? An Evaluation of Project 'Floram'Andersson, Thomas
1992 Caring for the Environment - is Trade Good or Bad?Andersson, Thomas

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