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2012 On the environmental effectiveness of the EU marine strategy framework directiveBertram, Christine / Rehdanz, Katrin
2014 Worse off from reduced cost? The role of policy design under uncertain technological advancementWeitzel, Matthias
2010 The Future of ETS and CDM in a post-Kyoto WorldPeterson, Sonja / Klepper, Gernot
2013 Including maritime transport in the EU's climate change policy: Country-based allocation and effectsHeitmann, Nadine
2013 Distant event, local effects? Fukushima and the German housing marketBauer, Thomas K. / Braun, Sebastian / Kvasnicka, Michael
2009 Ocean iron fertilization in the context of the Kyoto Protocol and the post-Kyoto processBertram, Christine
2013 EU biofuel policies in practise: A carbon map for the Llanos orientales in ColombiaLange, Mareike / Suarez, César Freddy
2013 EU biofuel policies in practise: A carbon map for Kalimantan and SumatraLange, Mareike
2010 The GHG balance of biofuels taking into account land use changeLange, Mareike
2007 The determinants of allowance prices in the European emissions trading scheme: Can we expect an efficient allowance market 2008?Rickels, Wilfried / Duscha, Vicki / Keller, Andreas / Peterson, Sonja

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