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2013 On the comparative advantage of tradable emission permits in a setting of uncertain abatement costs and market power: A case against the invariably pessimistic viewHeuson, Clemens
2013 A public choice view on the climate and energy policy mix in the EU: How do the emissions trading scheme and support for renewable energies interact?Gawel, Erik / Strunz, Sebastian / Lehmann, Paul
2013 Polit-ökonomische Grenzen des Emissionshandels und ihre Implikationen für die klima- und energiepolitische InstrumentenwahlGawel, Erik / Strunz, Sebastian / Lehmann, Paul
2012 Efficient public adaptation to climate change: An investigation of drivers and barriers from a Public Choice perspectiveGawel, Erik / Heuson, Clemens / Lehmann, Paul
2010 Combining emissions trading and emissions taxes in a multi-objective worldLehmann, Paul
2008 Using a policy mix for pollution control: A review of economic literatureLehmann, Paul
2009 Climate policies with pollution externalities and learning spilloversLehmann, Paul
2009 Now or Never: Environmental Protection under Hyperbolic DiscountingWinkler, Ralph
1998 Entwicklungschancen und Umweltschutz durch Joint Implementation mit IndienKopp, Oliver / Bräuer, Wolfgang
2013 How disagreement about social costs leads to inefficient energy productivity investmentVoß, Achim

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