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2004 Financing National Protected Area Networks Internationally : The Global Environment Facility as a Multilateral Mechanism of TransferDeke, Oliver
2012 On the environmental effectiveness of the EU marine strategy framework directiveBertram, Christine / Rehdanz, Katrin
2010 Integrating biodiversity indices into a multi-species optimal control modelBertram, Christine
2011 Economic costs of ocean acidification: A look into the impacts on shellfish productionNarita, Daiju / Rehdanz, Katrin / Tol, Richard S. J.
2013 Establishing a sustainable development goal for oceans and coasts to face the challenges of our future oceanVisbeck, Martin / Kronfeld-Goharani, Ulrike / Neumann, Barbara / Rickels, Wilfried / Schmidt, Jörn / van Doorn, Erik
2010 European forests and carbon sequestration services: an economic assessment of climate change impactsDing, Helen / Nunes, Paulo A. L. D. / Teelucksingh, Sonja S.
2005 Measuring the Economic Value of Two Habitat Defragmentation Policy Scenarios for the Veluwe, The NetherlandsNunes, Paulo A.L.D. / van der Heide, C. Martijn / van den Bergh, Jeroen C.J.M. / van Ierland, Ekko C.
2007 The Rule of The Jungle in Pakistan: A Case Study on Corruption and Forest Management in SwatPellegrini, Lorenzo
2015 The greener, the happier? The effects of urban green and abandoned areas on residential well-beingKrekel, Christian / Kolbe, Jens / Wüstemann, Henry
2010 Quantifizierung 'gesellschaftlich gewünschter, nicht marktgängiger Leistungen' der LandwirtschaftPlankl, Reiner / Weingarten, Peter / Nieberg, Hiltrud / Zimmer, Yelto / Isermeyer, Folkhard / Krug, Janina / Haxsen, Gerhard

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