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2011 The influence of the specification of climate change damages on the social cost of carbonKopp, Robert E. / Golub, Alexander / Keohane, Nathaniel O. / Onda, Chikara
2011 The US government's social cost of carbon estimates after their first year: Pathways for improvementKopp, Robert E. / Mignone, Bryan K.
2011 A shapley value approach to pricing climate risksCooke, Roger M.
2011 Transient temperature response modeling in IAMs: the effects of over simplification on the SCCMarten, Alex L.
2010 Internal Validity of Estimating the Carbon Kuznets Curve by Controlling for Energy UseItkonen, Juha
2004 CDM Potential for Rural Transition in China Case Study: Options in Yinzhou District, Zhejiang ProvinceZhao, Xingshu / Michaelowa, Axel
2005 Developing Country Participation: The Kyoto-Marrakech PoliticsSari, Agus
2005 Efficient documentation and webmarketing strategies for DNAsMichaelowa, Axel / Gupta, Naman
2006 Additionality and Sustainable Development Issues Regarding CDM Projects in Energy Efficiency SectorMichaelowa, Axel / Umamaheswaran, K.
2006 Assessment of CDM Capacity Building Activities in Cambodia, Lao PDR and Vietnam: Lessons LearnedDang Thi Hanh

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