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2007 Equity Weighting and the Marginal Damage Costs of Climate ChangeAnthoff, David / Hepburn, Cameron / Tol, Richard S.J.
2007 How Overconfident are Current Projections of Anthropogenic Carbon Dioxide Emissions?Keller, Klaus / Miltich, Louise I. / Robinson, Alexander / Tol, Richard S.J.
2010 Potentials and limits of Bayesian networks to deal with uncertainty in the assessment of climate change adaptation policiesCatenacci, Michela / Giupponi, Carlo
2006 The Polluter Pays Principle and Cost-Benefit Analysis of Climate Change: An Application of FundTol, Richard S.J.
2006 Carbon Dioxide Emission Scenarios for the UsaTol, Richard S.J.
2007 A Review of Recent Studies on Cost Effectiveness of GHG Mitigation Measures in the European Agro-Forestry SectorGiupponi, Carlo / Bosello, Francesco / Povellato, Andrea
2007 The Kyoto Protocol and the Effect of Existing and Planned Measures in the Agricultural and Forestry Sector in the EU25Giupponi, Carlo / Bosello, Francesco / Buchner, Barbara / Crimi, Jacopo / Povellato, Andrea
2007 On International Equity Weights and National Decision Making on Climate ChangeAnthoff, David / Tol, Richard S.J.
2008 On international equity weights and national decision making on climate changeAnthoff, David / Tol, Richard S. J.
2014 Carbon Emissions Scenarios in Europe Based on an Endogenous Growth ModelCiesielski, Anna / Tol, Richard S. J.

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