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2010 Local and Global Externalities, Environmental Policies, and GrowthPittel, Karen
2010 Air Pollution and Infant Mortality: A Natural Experiment from Power Plant DesulfurizationLüchinger, Simon
2009 The life satisfaction approach to environmental valuationFrey, Bruno S. / Luechinger, Simon / Stutzer, Alois
2004 Abfallwirtschaft zwischen Entsorgungsnotstand und ÜberkapazitätenRahmeyer, Fritz
2014 Economic Status, Air Quality, and Child Health: Evidence from Inversion EpisodesJans, Jenny / Johansson, Per / Nilsson, Peter
2011 Optimal emission-extraction policy in a world of scarcity and irreversibilityPrieur, Fabien / Tidball, Mabel / Withagen, Cees A.
2009 Mitigation of methane emissions: a rapid and cost-effective response to climate changeKemfert, Claudia / Schill, Wolf-Peter
2010 Getting cars off the road: the cost-effectiveness of an episodic pollution control programCropper, Maureen L. / Jiang, Yi / Alberini, Anna / Baur, Patrick
2008 Consumer support for environmental policies: an application to purchases of green carsCoad, Alex / de Haan, Peter / Woersdorfer, Julia Sophie
2010 Carbon abatement leaders and laggards. Non parametric analyses of policy oriented Kuznets curvesMazzanti, Massimiliano / Musolesi, Antonio

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