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2009 On the Relation between Discounting of Climate Change and Edgeworth-Pareto SubstitutabilityKögel, Tomas
2009 Avoiding extinction: equal treatment of the present and the futureChichilnisky, Graciela
2006 Endowment effect theory, prediction bias and publicly provided goods – an experimental studyBischoff, Ivo
1998 Entwicklungschancen und Umweltschutz durch Joint Implementation mit IndienKopp, Oliver / Bräuer, Wolfgang
2003 The Role of Transaction Costs and Risk Premia in the Determination of Climate Change Policy ResponsesStronzik, Marcus / Hunt, Alistair / Eckermann, Frauke / Taylor, Tim
2008 Does Mandatory Labeling of Genetically Modified Food Grant Consumers the Right to Know? Evidence from an Economic ExperimentDannenberg, Astrid / Scatasta, Sara / Sturm, Bodo
2008 Is it Who You Ask or How You Ask? Findings of a Meta-Analysis on Genetically Modified Food Valuation StudiesDannenberg, Astrid
2009 German car buyers' willingness to pay to reduce CO2 emissionsAchtnicht, Martin
2010 Pollution externalities in a Schumpeterian growth modelKoesler, Simon
2010 The demand for climate protection: An empirical assessment for GermanyLöschel, Andreas / Sturm, Bodo / Vogt, Carsten

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