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2009 Do EPA administrators recommend environmental policies that citizens want?Carlsson, Fredrik / Kataria, Mitesh / Lampi, Elina
2013 The Effect of Public Policies on Consumers' Preferences: Lessons from the French Automobile MarketD'Haultfoeuille, Xavier / Durrmeyer, Isis / Février, Philippe
2009 The life satisfaction approach to environmental valuationFrey, Bruno S. / Luechinger, Simon / Stutzer, Alois
2013 Analyse der Effizienz einzelner Maßnahmen zur Reduzierung des CO2-Ausstoßes in der TransportlogistikSchirdewahn, Frederik
2008 The value of a statistical life under ambiguity aversionTreich, Nicolas
2008 Discounting the long-distant future: a simple explanation for the Weitzman-Gollier-puzzleBuchholz, Wolfgang / Schumacher, Jan
2007 Bestimmung der Zahlungsbereitschaft für erneuerbare Energien mit Hilfe der Kontingenten BewertungsmethodeChrist, Sven / Bothe, David
2008 Tropical cyclone losses in the USA and the impact of climate change: a trend analysis based on a new datasetSchmidt, Silvio / Kemfert, Claudia / Höppe, Peter
2010 Insights from Bolivia's green national accountsJemio M., Luis Carlos / Andersen, Lykke E.
2012 Can declining energy intensity mitigate climate change? Decomposition and meta-regression resultsBruns, Stephan B. / Gross, Christian

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