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2011 Pollution permits, strategic trading and dynamic technology adoptionMoreno-Bromberg, Santiago / Taschini, Luca
2008 Tropical cyclone losses in the USA and the impact of climate change: a trend analysis based on a new datasetSchmidt, Silvio / Kemfert, Claudia / Höppe, Peter
2013 Agreeing on Efficient Emissions ReductionBos, Olivier / Roussillon, Béatrice / Schweinzer, Paul
2010 The Green Paradox and the Choice of CapacityZimmer, Markus / Gronwald, Marc / Jus, Darko
2012 Energiepolitik: Erfolgreiche Energiewende nur im europäischen KontextHübner, Malte / Schmidt, Christoph M. / Weigert, Benjamin
2010 Measuring sustainability under regime shift uncertainty: A resilience pricing approachLi, Chuan-Zhong / Mäler, Karl-Göran
2010 The impact of protest responses in choice experimentsBarrio, Melina / Loureiro, Maria L.
2012 Decarbonizing Europe’s power sector by 2050 - Analyzing the implications of alternative decarbonization pathwaysJägemann, Cosima / Fürsch, Michaela / Hagspiel, Simeon / Nagl, Stephan
2011 The EU ETS and firm profits: An ex-post analysis for Swedish energy firmsYu, Haisan
2013 Energy Efficiency and Industrial Output: The Case of the Iron and Steel IndustryFlues, Florens / Rübbelke, Dirk / Vögele, Stefan

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