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2011 Abatement technology and the environment-growth nexus with educationPautrel, Xavier
2014 European-Led Climate Policy Versus Global Mitigation Action. Implications on Trade, Technology, and EnergyCian, Enrica De / Keppo, Ilkka / Bollen, Johannes / Carrara, Samuel / Förster, Hannah / Hübler, Michael / Kanudia, Amit / Paltsev, Sergey / Sands, Ronald / Schumacher, Katja
2014 Are Regional Systems Greening the Economy? the Role of Environmental Innovations and Agglomeration ForcesAntonioli, Davide / Borghesi, Simone / Mazzanti, Massimiliano
2014 Time is of the Essence: Adaptation of Tourism Demand to Climate Change in EuropeBarrios, Salvador / Ibañez, J. Nicolás
2014 Linkage of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading Systems: Learning from ExperienceRanson, Matthew / Stavins, Robert N.
2014 An Integrated Risk Assessment Model for the Implementation of Drought Insurance Markets in SpainPérez Blanco, Carlos Dionisio / Gómez, Carlos Mario
2014 From Expert Elicitations to Integrated Assessment: Future Prospects of Carbon Capture TechnologiesRicci, Elena Claire / Bosetti, Valentina / Baker, Erin / Jenni, Karen E.
2014 Climate Amenities and Adaptation to Climate Change: A Hedonic-Travel Cost Approach for EuropeBarrios, Salvador / Rivas, J. Nicolás Ibañez
2014 The Comparative Impact of Integrated Assessment Models' Structures on Optimal Mitigation PoliciesPerrissin Fabert, Baptiste / Espagne, Etienne / Pottier, Antonin / Dumas, Patrice
2013 Bottom-Up Strategic Linking of Carbon Markets: Which Climate Coalitions Would Farsighted Players Form?Heitzig, Jobst

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