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2008 Abatement cost uncertainty and policy instrument selection under a stringent climate policy: A dynamic analysisBosetti, Valentina / Golub, Alexander / Markandya, Anil / Massetti, Emanuele / Tavoni, Massimo
2008 Ilmastopolitiikan talousvaikutusten ennakointiRantala, Olavi
2008 Climate change impacts and adaptation strategies in Italy: An economic assessmentCarraro, Carlo / Sgobbi, Alessandra
2008 Discounting and welfare analysis over time: choosing the [eta]Buchholz, Wolfgang / Schumacher, Jan
2012 Electricity prices, river temperatures and cooling water scarcityMcDermott, Grant R. / Nilsen, Øivind Anti
2013 High Performance in Complex Spatial Systems: A Self-Organizing Mapping Approach with Reference to The NetherlandsKourtit, Karima / Arribas-Bel, Daniel / Nijkamp, Peter
2009 Estimating WTP with uncertainty choice contingent valuationBalcombe, Kelvin / Samuel, Aurelia / Fraser, Iain
2012 Fair, optimal or detrimental? Environmental vs. strategic use of border carbon adjustmentWeitzel, Matthias / Hübler, Michael / Peterson, Sonja
2013 The Future Costs of Nuclear Power Using Multiple Expert Elicitations: Effects of RD&D and Elicitation DesignAnadon, Laura Diaz / Nemet, Gregory / Verdolini, Elena
2011 Pollution permits, strategic trading and dynamic technology adoptionMoreno-Bromberg, Santiago / Taschini, Luca

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