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2010 Community-based adaptation: lessons from the development marketplace 2009 on adaptation to climate changeHeltberg, Rasmus / Gitay, Habiba / Prabhu, Radhika
2010 Politics and economics of second-best regulation of greenhouse gases: the importance of regulatory credibilityBosetti, Valentina / Victor, David G.
2013 The Consumption Discount Rate for the Distant Future (if we do not die out)Vermeylen, Koen
2013 Bottom-Up Strategic Linking of Carbon Markets: Which Climate Coalitions Would Farsighted Players Form?Heitzig, Jobst
2013 An Overview of Urban Vulnerability to Natural Disasters and Climate Change in Central America & the Caribbean RegionGencer, Ebru A.
2013 A Quantitative Assessment of the Implications of Including non-CO2 Emissions in the European ETSOrecchia, Carlo / Parrado, Ramiro
2013 Climate Change, Sea Level Rise, and Coastal Disasters. A Review of Modeling PracticesBosello, Francesco / De Cian, Enrica
2009 Invention and transfer of climate change mitigation technologies on a global scale: A study drawing on patent dataDechezleprêtre, Antoine / Glachant, Matthieu / Johnstone, Nick / Ménière, Yann
2009 Mitigation, adaptation, suffering: In search of the right mix in the face of climate changeTulkens, Henry / Steenberghe, Vincent van
2009 The welfare effects of environmental taxationJaeger, William K.

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