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27-Jul-2011 Informationsinstrumente zur Förderung von Energieeinsparungen im WohngebäudebestandNovikova, Aleksandra / Amecke, Hermann / Neuhoff, Karsten / Stelmakh, Kateryna / Kiss, Bernadett / Rohde, Clemens / Dunkelberg, Elisa / Matschoss, Kaisa / Darby, Sarah
2011 What a Difference Kyoto Made: Evidence from Instrumental Variables EstimationAichele, Rahel / Felbermayr, Gabriel
2012 The Impact of Wind Power Generation on the Electricity Price in GermanyKetterer, Janina
2013 The Development of Renewable Energies and Supply Security: A Trade-Off AnalysisRöpke, Luise
2011 Mehr Plan- als Marktwirtschaft in der energiepolitischen Strategie 2020 der Europäischen KommissionHaucap, Justus / Coenen, Michael
2008 Implications of diverging social and private discount rates for investments in the German power industry: a new case for nuclear energy?Heinzel, Christoph
2006 Gradual versus structural technological change in the transition to a low-emission energy industry: How time-to-build and differing social and individual discount rates influence environmental and technology policiesHeinzel, Christoph / Winkler, Ralph
2013 A public choice view on the climate and energy policy mix in the EU: How do the emissions trading scheme and support for renewable energies interact?Gawel, Erik / Strunz, Sebastian / Lehmann, Paul
2013 Promoting the market and system integration of renewable energies through premium schemes: A case study of the German market premiumGawel, Erik / Purkus, Alexandra
2013 Polit-ökonomische Grenzen des Emissionshandels und ihre Implikationen für die klima- und energiepolitische InstrumentenwahlGawel, Erik / Strunz, Sebastian / Lehmann, Paul

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