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2014 Accurate medium-term wind power forecasting in a censored classification frameworkCroonenbroeck, Carsten / Møller Dahl, Christian
2013 European electricity generation post-2020: Renewable energy not to be underestimatedvon Hirschhausen, Christian / Kemfert, Claudia / Kunz, Friedrich / Mendelevitch, Roman
2014 An integrated approach to model redispatch and to assess potential benefits from market splitting in GermanyTrepper, Katrin / Bucksteeg, Michael / Weber, Christoph
2012 Can the market forecast the weather better than meteorologists?Ritter, Matthias
2012 Strategic Behavior in the German Balancing Energy Mechanism: Incentives, Evidence, Costs and SolutionsJust, Sebastian / Weber, Christoph
2011 Transport and CO2: Productivity Growth and Carbon Dioxide Emissions in the European Commercial Transport IndustryKrautzberger, Lisann / Wetzel, Heike
2011 DIMENSION - A Dispatch and Investment Model for European Electricity MarketsRichter, Jan
2012 The influence of spatial effects on wind power revenues under direct marketing rulesGrothe, Oliver / Müsgens, Felix
2012 Crude Oil Price Shocks and Stock Returns: Evidence from Turkish Stock Market under Global Liquidity ConditionsBerk, Istemi / Aydogan, Berna
2011 Spatial Dependence in Wind and Optimal Wind Power Allocation: A Copula Based AnalysisGrothe, Oliver / Schnieders, Julius

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