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DateTitle Authors
2009 How changes in oil prices affect the macroeconomyDePratto, Brian / De Resende, Carlos / Maier, Philipp
2012 Growth in emerging market economies and the commodity boom of 2003 - 2008: Evidence from growth forecast revisionsArbatli, Elif C. / Vasishtha, Garima
2006 Climate policies and economic growthAlho, Kari E. O.
2012 Disentangling demand and supply shocks in the crude oil market: How to check sign restrictions in structural VARsLütkepohl, Helmut / Netsunajev, Aleksei
2000 CO2 mitigation costs and ancillary benefits in the Nordic countries, the UK and Ireland: A surveyKverndokk, Snorre / Rosendahl, Knut Einar
2007 Taylor rules with headline inflation: A bad ideaDhawan, Rajeev / Jeske, Karsten
2006 Energy price shocks and the macroeconomy: The role of consumer durablesDhawan, Rajeev / Jeske, Karsten
2007 What determines the output drop after an energy price increase: Household or firm energy share?Dhawan, Rajeev / Jeske, Karsten
2013 Energy poverty alleviation and climate change mitigation: Is there a trade off?Chakravarty, Shoibal / Tavoni, Massimo
2012 Energieeffizienzpotenziale und staatlicher LenkungsbedarfDobroschke, Stephan

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