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2011 20% by 2020? Economy-wide impacts of energy efficiency improvement in GermanyLehr, Ulrike / Lutz, Christian / Pehnt, Martin / Lambrecht, Udo / Seefeldt, Friedrich / Wünsch, Marco / Schlomann, Barbara / Fleiter, Tobias
2014 The impact of the shale oil revolution on U.S. oil and gasoline pricesKilian, Lutz
2010 Announcing climate policy: Can a green paradox arise without scarcity?Smulders, Sjak / Tsur, Yacov / Zemel, Amos
2016 What drives long-term oil market volatility? Fundamentals versus SpeculationYin, Libo / Zhou, Yimin
2016 The Impact of the Shale Oil Revolution on U.S. Oil and Gasoline PricesKilian, Lutz
2014 Empirical linkage between oil price and stock market returns and volatility: Evidence from international developed marketsDhaoui, Abderrazak / Khraief, Naceur
2013 Energy intensity developments in 40 major economies: Structural change or technology improvement?De Cian, Enrica / Schymura, Michael / Verdolini, Elena / Voigt, Sebastian
2009 The outlook for the global supply of oil: Running on faith?Gervais, Olivier / Kolet, Ilan
2013 The Sledge on the Slope or: Energy in the Economy, and the Paradox of Theory and PolicyKümmel, Reiner / Lindenberger, Dietmar
2014 Are There Gains from Pooling Real-Time Oil Price Forecasts?Baumeister, Christiane / Kilian, Lutz / Lee, Thomas K.

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