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DateTitle Authors
2014 EU biofuel policies in practice: A carbon map for the Brazilian CerradoSöder, Mareike
2005 Biodiesel: a new oildorado?Frondel, Manuel / Peters, Jörg
2006 Hard coal subsidies: a never-ending story?Frondel, Manuel / Kambeck, Rainer / Schmidt, Christoph M.
2010 The renewable energy targets of the Maghreb countries: Impact on electricity supply and conventional power marketsBrand, Bernhard / Zingerle, Jonas
2010 Wind power integration, negative prices and power system flexibility: An empirical analysis of extreme events in GermanyNicolosi, Marco
2013 Do oil price increases cause higher food prices?Baumeister, Christiane / Kilian, Lutz
2009 Economic impacts from the promotion of renewable energy technologies: the German experienceFrondel, Manuel / Ritter, Nolan / Schmidt, Christoph M. / Vance, Colin
2012 Financing the energy transition in times of financial market instabilityKemfert, Claudia / Schäfer, Dorothea
2013 Residual load, renewable surplus generation and storage requirements in GermanySchill, Wolf-Peter
2013 Policy efforts for the development of storage technologies in the US and GermanyBorden, Eric / Schill, Wolf-Peter

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