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2009 Wandlung von Vakuumenergie elektromagnetischer Nullpunktoszillationen in klassische mechanische EnergieTurtur, Claus W.
2009 Beschäftigungsstruktur im Bereich Erneuerbarer EnergienLehr, Ulrike / O'Sullivan, Marlene
2004 Firing the Furnace? : An Econometric Analysis of Utilities? Fuel ChoiceTauchmann, Harald
2013 Now or Later? Trading Wind Power Closer to Real-time and How Poorly Designed Subsidies Lead to Higher Balancing CostsMauritzen, Johannes
2008 Power purchase agreements for risk and rent sharing in Himalayian hydropower developmentsJenkins, Glenn P. / Dhakal, D. N. S.
2010 Renewable energy policy in the presence of innovation: Does government pre-commitmnt matter?Madlener, Reinhard / Neustadt, Ilja
2009 Promoting renewable electricity generation in imperfect markets: Price vs. quantity policiesMadlener, Reinhard / Gao, Weiyu / Neustadt, Ilja / Zweifel, Peter
2012 Disaggregate energy consumption and industrial output in Pakistan: An empirical analysisQazi, Ahmer Qasim / Ahmed, Khalid / Mudassar, Muhammad
2011 Modeling the Environmental and Socio-Economic Impacts of BiofuelsJanda, Karel / Krištoufek, Ladislav / Zilberman, David
2013 Energia fotovoltaica ligada à rede eléctrica: Atratividade para o consumidor final e possíveis impactos no sistema elétricoCabello, Andrea Felippe / Pompermayer, Fabiano Mezadre

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