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2013 A blessing in disguise: The implications of high global oil prices for the North American marketAlquist, Ron / Guénette, Justin-Damien
2012 CCTS-Technologie ein Fehlschlag: Umdenken in der Energiewende notwendigvon Hirschhausen, Christian / Herold, Johannes / Oei, Pao-yu / Haftendorn, Clemens
2012 Energiestrategie Brandenburg 2030: Erneuerbare forcieren, Braunkohleausstieg fair gestaltenvon Hirschhausen, Christian / Oei, Pao-yu / Gerbaulet, Clemens / Haftendorn, Clemens / Kemfert, Claudia
2004 A Proposal for the Attribution of Market Leakage to CDM ProjectsKuosmanen, Timo / Vöhringer, Frank / Dellink, Rob B.
2011 Consumer Valuation of Driving Range: A Meta-AnalysisDimitropoulos, Alexandros / Rietveld, Piet / van Ommeren, Jos N.
2012 Endogenous investment decisions in natural gas equilibrium models with logarithmic cost functionsHuppmann, Daniel
2011 Combating deforestation? Impacts of improved stove dissemination on charcoal consumption in urban SenegalBensch, Gunther / Peters, Jörg
2010 Electric vehicles in imperfect electricity markets: A German case studySchill, Wolf-Peter
2012 Heterogeneity in the effect of home energy audits: Theory and evidenceFrondel, Manuel / Vance, Colin
2011 Stationarity changes in long-run fossil resource prices: Evidence from persistence break testingZaklan, Aleksandar / Abrell, Jan / Neumann, Anne

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