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1983 Energy Usage and Energy Prices in Swedish ManufacturingDargay, Joyce
2009 The peak oil debateGraefe, Laurel
2000 Crude Oil Price Fluctuations and Saudi Arabian BehaviourDe Santis, Roberto A.
2012 Auto-Mobilität: Fahrleistungen steigen 2011 weiterKunert, Uwe / Radke, Sabine / Chlond, Bastian / Kagerbauer, Martin
2014 Bigger cakes with less ingredients? A comparison of material use of the world economyPothen, Frank / Schymura, Michael
2013 Market Specific News and Its Impact on Electricity Prices: Forward PremiaLazarczyk, Ewa
2012 Phasing in large-scale expansion of wind-power in the nordic-countriesFørsund, Finn R.
2014 Iran after the (Potential) Nuclear Deal: What’s Next for the Country’s Natural Gas Market?Tagliapietra, Simone
2014 Turkey as a Regional Natural Gas Hub: Myth or Reality? An Analysis of the Regional Gas Market Outlook, beyond the Mainstream RhetoricTagliapietra, Simone
2014 Facing the Experts: Survey Mode and Expert ElicitationBaker, Erin / Bosetti, Valentina / Jenni, Karen E. / Ricci, Elena Claire

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