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2013 Resource Extraction in a Political Economy FrameworkRyszka, Karolina
2011 Metalliferous sediments in the Atlantis II Deep: Assessing the geological and economic resource potential and legal constraintsBertram, Christine / Krätschell, Anna / O'Brien, Killian / Brückmann, Warner / Proelss, Alexander
2011 Aid and the fiscal and monetary responses to Dutch diseaseRoe, Alan R.
2003 Does increased extraction of natural gas reduce carbon emissions?Aune, Finn Roar / Golombek, Rolf / Kittelsen, Sverre A. C.
2004 Can a carbon permit system reduce Spanish unemployment?Fæhn, Taran / Gómez-Plana, Antonio G. / Kverndokk, Snorre
2012 German nuclear phase-out policy: Effects on European electricity wholesale prices, emission prices, conventional power plant investments and eletricity tradeTraber, Thure / Kemfert, Claudia
2013 Natural-Resource Rents and Internal Conflicts - Can Decentralization Lift the Curse?Farzanegan, Mohammad Reza / Lessmann, Christian / Markwardt, Gunther
2013 Supply side climate policy and the green paradoxHoel, Michael
2013 Going Full Circle: Demand-Side Constraints to the Green ParadoxDi Maria, Corrado / Lange, Ian A. / van der Werf, Edwin
2000 Allowing for household preferences in emission trading-A contribution to the climate policy debateAhlheim, Michael / Schneider, Friedrich

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