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DateTitle Authors
2013 The Role of Standards in Eco-innovation: Lessons for PolicymakersVollebergh, Herman R. J. / van der Werf, Edwin
2005 How liable should an exporter be? The case of trade in hazardous goodsHelm, Carsten
2009 The role of fiscal instruments in environmental policyKosonen, Katri / Nicodème, Gaëtan J.A.
2013 Simultaneous Supplies of Dirty and Green Fuels with Capacity Constraint: Is there a Green Paradox?Gronwald, Marc / Long, Ngo Van / Röpke, Luise
2013 CCS - Failing to Pass Decision GatesEmhjellen, Magne / Osmundsen, Petter
2014 Natural resource production, corruption and expropriationDadasov, Ramin / Hefeker, Carsten / Lorz, Oliver
2011 Incidence of unilateral consumption taxes on world carbon emissionsEichner, Thomas / Pethig, Rüdiger
2006 Differential Impact of Environmental Policy Instruments on Technological Change: A Review of the Empirical LiteratureVollebergh, Herman R.J.
2013 Supply side climate policy and the green paradoxHoel, Michael
2014 International Capital Markets, Oil Producers and the Green Paradoxvan der Meijden, Gerard C. / der Ploeg, Rick Van / Withagen, Cees A.

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