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DateTitle Authors
2010 Economia política de petróleo e gás: A experiência russaSchutte, Giorgio Romano
2013 The Role of Standards in Eco-innovation: Lessons for PolicymakersVollebergh, Herman R. J. / van der Werf, Edwin
2005 How liable should an exporter be? The case of trade in hazardous goodsHelm, Carsten
2009 The role of fiscal instruments in environmental policyKosonen, Katri / Nicodème, Gaëtan J.A.
2013 Simultaneous Supplies of Dirty and Green Fuels with Capacity Constraint: Is there a Green Paradox?Gronwald, Marc / Long, Ngo Van / Röpke, Luise
2013 CCS - Failing to Pass Decision GatesEmhjellen, Magne / Osmundsen, Petter
2014 Natural resource production, corruption and expropriationDadasov, Ramin / Hefeker, Carsten / Lorz, Oliver
2011 Incidence of unilateral consumption taxes on world carbon emissionsEichner, Thomas / Pethig, Rüdiger
2006 Differential Impact of Environmental Policy Instruments on Technological Change: A Review of the Empirical LiteratureVollebergh, Herman R.J.
2004 On the Integration of Carbon Capture and Storage into the International Climate RegimeBode, Sven / Jung, Martina

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