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2010 Entrepreneurial activity and civil war in Colombia: Exploring the mutual determinants between armed conflict and the private sectorRettberg, Angelika / Leiteritz, Ralf / Nasi, Carlo
2011 Energy market for Caspian Sea oil and its supplyEmadi, Seyed Emad / Nezhad, Hameed
2013 Natural-resource rents and internal conflicts - Can decentralization lift the curse?Markwardt, Gunther / Farzanegan, Mohammad / Leßmann, Christian
2013 Papua New Guinea and the natural resource curseAvalos, Nayda / Gonzales Stuva, Veronica / Heal, Adam / Iida, Kaoru / Okazoe, Naohito
2011 'Natural' disaster, conflict and aid allocationRodella-Boitreaud, Aude-Sophie / Wagner, Natascha
2011 War signals: A theory of trade, trust and conflictRohner, Dominic / Thoenig, Mathias / Zilibotti, Fabrizio
2013 Natural-resource or market-seeking FDI in Russia? An empirical study of locational factors affecting the regional distribution of FDI entriesGonchar, Ksenia / Marek, Philipp
2010 War and natural resource exploitationvan der Ploeg, Frederick / Rohner, Dominic
2013 Supply disruptions and regional price effects in a spatial oligopoly - an application to the global gas marketGrowitsch, Christian / Hecking, Harald / Panke, Timo
2012 Optimal tariffs on exhaustible resources: The case of a quantity setting cartelFujiwara, Kenji / Long, Ngo Van

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