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2013 Policy-induced environmental technology and incentive efforts: Is there a crowding out?Hottenrott, Hanna / Rexhäuser, Sascha
2013 Determinants of technology transfer through CDM: The case of ChinaWeitzel, Matthias / Liu, Wan-Hsin / Vaona, Andrea
2011 Commodity windfalls, polarization, and net foreign assets: Panel data evidence on the voracity effectArezki, Rabah / Brückner, Markus
2014 Short Run Effects of Bleaker Prospects for Oligopolistic Producers of a Non-Renewable ResourceGrimsrud, Kristine / Rosendahl, Knut Einar / Storrøsten, Halvor Briseid / Tsygankova, Marina
2011 Commodity price volatility, democracy and economic growthArezki, Rabah / Gylfason, Thorvaldur
2012 Natural resources, volatility, and inclusive growth: Perspectives from the Middle East and North AfricaArezki, Rabah / Nabli, Mustapha
2014 Youth in Tanzania's urbanizing mining settlements: Prospecting a mineralized futureBryceson, Deborah Fahy
2013 Cost-reducing R&D in the presence of an appropriation alternative: An application to the natural resource curseMartin Puzon, Klarizze Anne
2005 Institutional Explanations of Economic Development: the Role of Precious MetalsPapyrakis, Elissaios / Gerlagh, Reyer
2006 Resource booms, inequality, and poverty: The case of gas in BoliviaLay, Jann / Thiele, Rainer / Wiebelt, Manfred

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