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DateTitle Authors
2010 Is there really a green paradox?van der Ploeg, Frederick / Withagen, Cees A.
2010 Biofuels subsidies and the green paradoxGrafton, R. Quentin / Kompas, Tom / Ngo Van Long
2010 Climate change and carbon tax expectationsHoel, Michael
2010 Integrating biodiversity indices into a multi-species optimal control modelBertram, Christine
2006 Structural breaks in Iron-Ore prices: The impact of the 1973 oil crisisAngelov, Nikolay
2011 Optimal carbon tax with a dirty backstop: Oil, coal, or renewables?van der Ploeg, Frederick / Withagen, Cees A.
2011 Fiscal policy and Dutch diseasevan der Ploeg, Frederick
2011 Optimal emission-extraction policy in a world of scarcity and irreversibilityPrieur, Fabien / Tidball, Mabel / Withagen, Cees A.
2008 Bush meets hotelling: effects of improved renewable energy technology on greenhouse gas emissionsHoel, Michael
2011 Too little oil, too much coal: Optimal carbon tax and when to phase in oil, coal and renewablesvan der Ploeg, Frederick / Withagen, Cees A.

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