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DateTitle Authors
1994 Industry Evolution and R&D ExternalitiesFölster, Stefan / Trofimov, Georgi
2008 Optimal global carbon management with ocean sequestrationRickels, Wilfried / Lontzek, Thomas S.
2011 The role of sequestration costs with a ceiling on atmospheric carbon concentrationRickels, Wilfried
2001 Evolution of Harvesting Strategies: Replicator and Resource DynamicsNoailly, Joelle / van den Bergh, Jeroen / Withagen, Cees
2011 A characterization of oil price behavior: Evidence from jump modelsGronwald, Marc
2009 Medidas extendidas de restricciones a los flujos de capitalesSelaive, Jorge / Velásquez, Beatriz / Villena, José Miguel
2009 Jumps in Oil Prices - Evidence and ImplicationsGronwald, Marc
1994 R&D in Swedish Multinational CorporationsFors, Gunnar / Svensson, Roger
2010 Exhaustible Resources, Technology Choice and Industrialization of Developing CountriesFärnstrand Damsgaard, Erika
2014 Wood-Based BioenergyHoel, Michael / Sletten, Thea Marcelia

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