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1997 Corrective Taxation of a Consumption Externality in the Presence of an Optimal Non-linear Income TaxJosefsson, Anneli
2012 Regime shifts and uncertainty in pollution controlde Zeeuw, Aart / Zemel, Amos
2008 Modelling economic impacts of alternative international climate policy architectures: A quantitative and comparative assessment of architectures for agreementBosetti, Valentina / Carraro, Carlo / Sgobbi, Alessandra / Tavoni, Massimo
2009 Costos de cumplimiento de regulación ambiental con información incompleta: Aplicación a fuentes fijas del PCE de Santiago, ChileClerger, Gaspard / Chávez, Carlos / Villena, Mauricio / Gómez, Walter
2011 Optimal exploitation of groundwater and the potential for a tradable permit system in irrigated agricultureLatinopoulos, Dionysis / Sartzetakis, Eftichios
2009 How does climate policy affect technical change? An analysis of the direction and pace of technical progress in a climate-economy modelNicita, Lea / Carraro, Carlo / Massetti, Emanuele
2008 The pollution haven hypothesis: A geographic economy model in a comparative studyZugravu, Natalia / Kheder, Sonia Ben
2008 Delayed participation of developing countries to climate agreements: should action in the EU and US be postponed?Bosetti, Valentina / Carraro, Carlo / Tavoni, Massimo
2008 Delayed action and uncertain targets: How much will climate policy cost?Bosetti, Valentina / Carraro, Carlo / Sgobbi, Alessandra / Tavoni, Massimo
2011 Towards the optimal management of the Northeast Arctic cod fisheryRichter, Andries / Eikeset, Anne Maria / Soest, Daan van / Stenseth, Nils Chr.

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